X-Ray (Radiograph)

X-ray images are among the most valuable tools a dentist has to keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

Along with the traditional film x-rays, our office also offers digital x-rays. Digital x-rays are one of the newest x-ray techniques available. With digital radiographs, film is replaced with a flat electronic pad or sensor. The x-rays hit the pad the same way they hit the film. But instead of developing the film in a dark room, the image is electronically sent directly to a computer where the image appears on the screen. We offer digital x-rays for bite-wing and periapical x-rays.

Your dental exam and cleaning will include the following 8 (eight) steps:

The traditional “film” x-rays used in dental and medical offices emit extremely small doses of radiation and the newest system of taking digital x-rays reduces radiation by as much as 80%.